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Art Submissions

Art Submission Guidelines

We are looking for artists to show starting in 2017. If your work is eco-friendly and the scale is small, feel free to contact us about showing in our mobile gallery. 

Materials & Methods

The mission of Thoughtful Hands is to promote sustainable materials and eco-friendly creative practices. Although we are interested in works that upcycle materials that would normally be destined for the landfill, we would also like to encourage artists to use materials that are non--toxic, recyclable, and biodegradable from the very beginning of the making process.

We are seeking artists and designers whose creative practice does NOT generate a lot of waste, pollute the water, bind up materials, or require a lot of adhesives. We encourage creatives to design work that can eventually be disassembled, recycled, or composted.

Depending on the exhibition, the conceptual content or theme does not necessarily have to be about sustainability, however, the materials and methods do. In general, artwork should be at least 75% up-cycled and/or built for disassembly with all parts recyclable. 

It's a tall order- but we feel artists are creative folks who are up for the challenge!

General Details

Thoughtful Hands is currently a small mobile unit, therefore work cannot generally be any larger than 12" inches in any one direction.  Exhibition insurance and shipping to and from the gallery are the responsibility of the artist. In the event a purchase is made from the gallery, either physically or online, Thoughtful Hands will receive 30% of the proceeds. The work must be ready to hang and can not have any special requirements for showing. If it can withstand an outdoor art fair booth, then it should be fine. 

All artwork should be appropriate for the general public including school aged children. 


How to Submit Applications

Do you have an online portfolio?

Please use the Apply Now button below being sure to indicate which exhibition title you are applying.

Don't have an online portfolio?

You may apply by email by contacting thoughtfulhandsentry{at} Attached images should be in .jpg format and no more than 3MG each with no more than 3 images included. Attached images should be labeled in this format:


Include in the email body a brief description of your materials and process and how it is in alignment with our mission in sustainability. Also include the process or materials' ecological footprint (every making process has some sort of impact on the environment). Please provide the title, medium, and year of completion, and price.

In the subject line please indicate to which exhibition you are applying.

Submissions that do not comply with these requirements will not be considered.