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Thoughtful Hands- Our Mission

Thoughtful Hands is a mobile gallery created to promote artists, craftspeople, and independent designers who work with sustainable materials and methods.

Creatively Caring for the Earth


Thoughtful Hands is a non-profit organization formed to help promote those artists and independent designers who create work using eco-friendly materials and practices.

We also engage and educate the public concerning sustainable art practices.


Promoting Artists

Artists need all the exposure they can get for their work. Thoughtful Hands' goal is to present earth-friendly artwork to the public.


Educating in Sustainability

Sustainable practices in art is a new area of research. Thoughtful Hands' demonstrations and lectures will help share information with the public about art materials, processes, and safety- for both people and the earth. 

Public Outreach

Thoughtful Hands can reach and interact with a broader geographical audience than a traditional brick and mortar art center.