10 causes of shoulder pain

June 7, 2013 in Shoulder, Treatment

One of the key pieces in the diagnostic puzzle that I like to find is the underlying cause of my patients problem.  I thought it would be helpful to bring together a list of common causative factors for shoulder pain from activities of daily living.  Sometimes correcting these issues is the key to helping my patients get better.  This list is by no means definitive so do feel free to add your own suggestions:

  • Carrying a heavy handbag/schoolbag/workbag
  • Walking a dog that pulls on the lead
  • Sleeping with the arm above shoulder height
  • Driving with the arm on the window ledge
  • Driving one handed
  • Always carrying a child on one side
  • Reaching for the computer mouse
  • Poor workstation set-up
  • Prolonged holding of electronic devices e.g. ipad etc
  • Poorly fitting bra
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